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26% of all renters have lost their security deposit at some point.
The goal of Reposit is to improve these experiences, for both landlords and tenants, through documentation and communication.

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We Believe

- The Tenant Landlord relationship doesn’t have to adversarial

- Visibility of the same facts improves communication, decreases misunderstandings, and decreases conflict

- Decreased misunderstandings and conflict improve the fabric of goodwill between landlords and renters

- Reposit is all about facilitating good communication to increase trust

Frequently Asked Questions

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Whether you're a tenant or a landlord, you have probably had a bad experience at least once when it comes to dealing with a security deposit and getting/giving it back. The goal of Reposit is to improve these experiences through documentation and communication. The Reposit app will help you document a rental on move in and move out so that it's easy to create shareable reports both parties can agree on.

When moving in and out of a rental, you'll go through and document each room in the rental. The full state of the rental (good and bad) will be shown in an auto-generated report (one for move-in and one for move-out). These reports can be used as the source of truth for the state of the rental so that there's no debate about how things looked and what deductions need to be made to the deposit.

What we have seen is that the majority of issues with getting deposits returned, all starts with a lack of information. If it's just a "he said / she said" at the time you move out then someone will end up dissatisfied. Using a Reposit report to prove how things were at the beginning vs. end of the tenancy will remove the doubt and leave you with facts instead.

Both! We recommend that both parties work together on the documentation, but you can create it on your own as well.

A 2013 study by Rent.com found that more than a quarter (26%) of all renters have lost their security deposit at some point and 36% of those renters got no explanation from their landlord.

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